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We want to create the world’s best place to work.

Peterman Heating Cooling Plumbing Greenwood Groundbreaking

No Experience? No Problem. Get Paid To Learn HVAC & Plumbing. 

Employees First And The Company Last

Peterman Brothers have the best HVAC, plumbing, and electrical careers in Indiana. We proved that supporting our employees and making them number one results in them doing their best work. They provide excellent service that makes our customers happy and gives them real value for their money – this keeps our customers coming back to us. Because of this our revenue increases, which allows us to pay our employees well and offer them perks and benefits that many companies in our industry can’t or simply won’t provide. This philosophy has been backed up by us being placed on the Top Workplaces list by the Indianapolis Star 6 years in a row!

The Peterman Family Story

2011 - 2012
2013 - 2015
Pete Peterman Heating Cooling Plumbing first work truck
The Spark
After 5 years of working under another HVAC company, Pete Peterman felt that there was a better way to serve the people he had been seeing. He went to his wife Beth who was pregnant with their first child, Chad, and laid it all out that he wanted to quit his job and start his own business. Beth saw the spark in his eyes and took the leap with her husband.
Pete Peterman Heating Cooling Plumbing first work van
The Roots
After a few years of working hard for his wife and now two sons, he was fortunate enough to move his workshop from his garage into a humble first commercial location. Shortly after he moved into a larger one where Pete’s simple vision, one home at a time would take root. Every customer was his whole world. He would pour in effort to truly connect with them, provide them with the solution to their issue, and leave with the customer feeling like they have made a new friend.
Chad Peterman, Tyler Peterman & Pete Peterman
One Becomes Three
After College, Chad began a sales position in North Carolina, where his boss challenged him to learn as much about business as he could. After diving into what it takes to run a business, he was reminded of his dad and was curious how he was addressing these issues. This curiosity led him to move back to help Pete fulltime at the company. It was shortly after that Tyler himself graduated from college and began his fulltime commitment to the family business.
Peterman Heating Cooling Plumbing Background
Plumbing Added
As the company continued to grow, Pete saw the opportunity to expand the services of his company to add a plumbing department.
Chad Peterman & Tyler Peterman 2013
The Changing Of Guard
Over the years more and more responsibilities were handed over to Chad & Tyler, eventually leading to them becoming co-owners of the company while Pete, after almost 30 years of running calls, took a more behind the scenes role.
Chad Peterman speaking at Future Leaders
Unstoppable Growth
"I still remember the day dad told us not to grow too fast (this was after we’d already grown a lot). 'Dad, I can’t stop it. When you get the culture right and you find great people, they are growing the business, and they don’t want to stop improving. I can’t stop them from wanting to get better and be better. I can’t stop the growth!'" It was from this that Chad began his podcast & writing his book, book titled "Can't Stop The Growth." His goal was to build authority for the philosophy of the company for both internal and external customers.
Peterman Heating Cooling Plumbing Greenwood groundbreaking
Level Up
After 18 years in our current facility, we were bursting at the seams with employees and ran out of room to place them. We broke ground in July for a facility that will be 3 times as large in Greenwood.
Peterman Heating cooling plumbing greenwood location
A New Home
In May of 2020 we finally got to move into our new headquarters in Greenwood, IN. We are so thankful for every customer for helping make this possible for our team.
A New Look
In our ongoing mission to provide even more for our customers, we continually look back on the example dad set. It was never about just heating, cooling, and plumbing. It was about the homes and the families we have the privilege to serve in our community, and it is with that focus that Peterman Heating Cooling and Plumbing has become Peterman Brothers.

Benefits for Employees That Benefit Everyone

Building a supportive company culture includes providing employees with programs and benefits that have real value for them. This is why you won’t find nap rooms or ping pong tables here. Real value for employees means something that helps them on the job or in their personal life and helps them build for the future for themselves and their families.

Our employees are among the highest paid in the state of Indiana in our industry.

Our industry has ups and downs in demand, but our HVAC, plumbing & sewer installation crews are secured with a guaranteed 40 hours.​

We offer our employees a full suite of health, dental and vision insurance as well as life insurance and even hospital indemnity.​

We want our team to be next level employees and we always give them opportunities to learn & grow.​

From the office staff to field techs, we make sure you have the tools to do your job. Every employee has a tool account that refreshes every year.

One of our employee favorites. You get every birthday off as a paid holiday, even if it falls on a weekend.

Chad Peterman Giving Speech

“We empower our people to do their best and be their best, and in doing so, amazing things have happened for our company and our people.”

3 Ways We Empower Our Team Members


We have a great team of people in our family that have a wealth of knowledge that we often use to take in people who are completely new to the industry. Our apprenticeships have led many people to experts in the field.

Nexstar Network Training

We are partners with Nexstar, a plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling business development network. This network offers many courses from installation to the sales field, all born out of our industry. We frequently send our team these training events all over the U.S.

Future Leaders

Chad is constantly diving deeper and deeper into ways to grow himself as a person and how individual growth can be massive when a company has like minded individuals. He shares this with his company twice a month live and has a podcast for those who can't make it.

Employee Success Stories

While our success in your homes is what most people see, it is the stories behind the scenes that makes us the most proud.

Lauren Morgan Peterman Heating Cooling Plumbing Employee Success Story

Lauren Morgan

Started: 2017 - From Customer Service Representative to Home Comfort Coordinator to Marketing Manager to Customer Experience Manager. I was eager to learn everything I could, and Peterman has built such a great environment of people wanting to help and teach younger team members. Early on I learned so much from so many people. Over the course of my time with Peterman, I've had the chance to work with Chad to build our membership program and ultimately lead the marketing team. My favorite part about working in this industry, and especially for Peterman, is that there is always something new to learn and there's never a shortage of people willing to take time out of their day to help and teach. Over the course of my three years at Peterman I've learned new skills, grown as a leader, and developed confidence, but most importantly, been able to develop great friendships with co-workers that extends outside of the reach of the office.

Joey Utley Peterman Heating Cooling Plumbing Employee Success Story

Joey Utley​

Started: 2017 -From HVAC Service Technician to Turnover Technician to Home Performance to Sewer/Excavation Sales. They called me into our small conference room and asked if I would be willing to transition from the HVAC department to the plumbing department doing sales in sewer and excavation. I was shocked and honored, scared and afraid but with two of the best leaders in the industry sitting there with you and believing in you it was an easy decision to say yes. I took on a role that I was truly made for and I love my career. I just really want to take a minute and thank these three mentors who have completely changed my life for the better! The faith and trust The Peterman’s have in me push me to do better every day.

Ashley Miller Peterman Heating Cooling Plumbing Employee Success Story

Ashley Miller​

Started: 2009 - From Customer Service Representative to Membership Coordinator to Parts & Warranties to Home Performance Coordinator to Home Comfort Coordinator. I have had awesome Mentors (Kristy & Pete) and have had the pleasure of watching the company grow. When I started it was just Kristy and myself in the office and to see it expand to what it is now has been something great to witness. Pete and Kristy have always been there for me as an employee and a person. To see the Boys come in and continue what their dad has started is Truly a Blessing. I could not imagine being anywhere else.

Chad Peterman - Lauren Morgan - Peterman Brothers Leadership

Our Mission

Our culture centers on empowering our people to succeed. It’s built on caring about each and every person and the belief that everyone should be treated fairly, whether they’re a rock star sales guy or a new employee coming in who doesn’t know very much about the business or the industry. When we show how much we care, employees understand that the company as a whole cares about them. That is how we create the best HVAC & Plumbing careers in the Indiana.

Peterman Brothers Family Values

We take pride in our work and take responsibility to be our best. Empowered to succeed by making decisions, being solution-minded, and owning our outcomes.

We humbly admit we can always get better and seek to learn through education. Apply learning to make positive changes for ourselves, personally and professionally, and to help others.

We build personal relationships based on mutual respect, genuine enjoyment of, and appreciation for each other. Accessible to help others, uncovering their needs by asking questions, and listening intently. 

We form trusted partnerships by standing behind our work, always doing what we say we’ll do. We are honest, fair, and straightforward.

We win or lose as one team committed to supporting each other. Cooperating and sharing the load to achieve more together than we thought possible.

Impacting More Than Customers

Involvement in the community is one of the most important initiatives to drive the culture of Peterman Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. The Peterman team is consistently looking for opportunities to give back to our community through monetary donations, sponsorship, supply drives, time spent volunteering, and more. Here are a few events we were part of.

Paws & Prevention

Tyler Peterman and Tara Peterman at Paws & Prevention

We served as a sponsor for this in Fountain Square September of 2019. This event was put on by the Indianapolis Fire Department in conjunction with local animal shelters to promote adoption awareness.  Tyler and Tara Peterman were both also personally involved in the event as they are animal advocates and Tara is a firefighter for the city of Indianapolis.

Autism Walk

Peterman Employees at Autism Walk

Autism Awareness is a cause that is near and dear to the hearts of the Peterman team. We have several employees who have children on the autism spectrum. Each year we put together a team of fundraisers who participate in the Indianapolis Autism Speaks Walk. In 2019, we raised close to $750 as a team, and had several team members attend the walk.

Race For A Cure

Beth Peterman and Pete Peterman at Race for a Cure

This was selected because of the direct impact it has had on the company. Beth, Pete’s wife, is herself a breast cancer survivor. In 2014 our company formed a team for the event. On April 12th, over forty employees, friends, and family members came out to support the cause. In total, we raised $1,920 between company donations and community donations.

Open Positions

Customer Service Representative

Greenwood, Indiana

Residential Install Plumber

Greenwood, Indiana

Residential Service Plumber

Lafayette, IN

Residential Service Plumber

Greenwood, Indiana

Lead HVAC Installer

Greenwood, Indiana

HVAC Maintenance Technician

Greenwood, Indiana

HVAC Service Technician

Lafayette, IN

HVAC Service Technician

Greenwood, Indiana