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Lean more about Peterman and why so many people love working here.
With what kind of people are you in business? As a customer of any type of service, this question is crucial. We sit down with our CSR Amy to learn about her passion for people.
“I saw an opportunity, and I took it.” Today’s Peterman story is from our Sales Manager, Steve. Hear about how his view from the outside prompted him to join the Peterman team.

“I get to do all the fun!” Meet Dani, Peterman’s Team Member Success Coordinator. Hear all about her story and how Peterman helped her find her perfect career fit.

“What company consistently provides you with both professional and personal growth?” Meet Alex, our Talent Acquisition Manager, here at Peterman. Learn all about what he does and how Peterman had impacted his life.

The Peterman Story continues with our Drain Specialist Joey. He shares what makes Peterman special to him and his favorite story about helping the community.
More than just another company to move to, Peterman is the company to move to. Hear from our Comfort Advisor, Pat, and learn what set Peterman apart and why he felt moving to a new state was worth it!
Meet our leadership coach Jack. Hear his story and how he is impacting the Peterman team one coaching session at a time.
There is a lot that goes into a five-star experience, and our HVAC Field Supervisor Lucas knows a lot about providing that level of service. Hear his story and what he brings to every call.
Hear from our HVAC Instructor at the Top Tech Academy, Alan. Enjoy learning about how looking for a new career blossomed into being able to do what he loves!
Hear from our Call Center Manager, Brittany! Enjoy her story of how she continues to fall in love with her job every single day.
Peterman is a place where you can bring your family. Hear from our Controller, Kristy. Enjoy the perspective of twenty-one years of being a part of the Peterman team.
Hear from our Plumbing Solutions Cooridinator, Ashleigh. Enjoy her story of how she came to join the Peterman family!
Hear from one of the Petermans. Enjoy Tyler Peterman’s story of how he joined the family business and helps it continue to grow.
Hear the story of Peterman President Chad and how he seeks to shape Peterman into the best place to work.